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Forex Portugal provides you with universal Forex education available to anyone in both English & Portuguese.

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Our mission is to provide education on the financial markets in Portugal for free.

We believe financial transparency should be available to everyone in order for traders to protect themselves. Therefore, we have created the first Forex University in Portugal!


"Forex University has been a game-changer for me. The courses are comprehensive and cover everything from the basics of forex trading to advanced strategies for managing risk and maximizing profits. The instructors are top-notch, and the online platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Sarah T.

Lisbon, Portugal

Learn Forex with Forex University provided by Forex Portugal
What will you learn?

Fundamentals of Forex

Learning the fundamentals of forex is essential for anyone who wants to become a successful forex trader. It provides a solid foundation for understanding the market and making informed trading decisions.

Reading Charts & Analysing the market

With a strong understanding of technical analysis, traders can make more informed decisions and improve their chances of success in the forex market.

Trading Strategies

Through comprehensive education and practical experience, you can learn to analyze market conditions and make informed trading decisions that will help you achieve your financial goals.

Risk Management

Learning proper risk management techniques is essential to succeed in the forex market. It has helped me minimize my losses and maximize my profits, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in trading forex.

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There are many reasons why learning forex trading can be beneficial. For one, it's one of the largest and most liquid markets in the world, with daily trading volumes in excess of $6 trillion. This means that there are many opportunities to make money trading forex.

Like any form of investing, forex trading carries a degree of risk. However, with proper risk management and a solid understanding of the market, it's possible to minimize your risk and maximize your returns.

Yes, anyone can learn forex trading. It doesn't matter if you have no prior experience in finance or trading. With the right education and training, anyone can become a successful forex trader.

Learning forex trading can provide you with a valuable skill set that can help you to achieve your financial goals. Whether you're looking to supplement your income, build a retirement nest egg, or become a full-time trader, forex trading can provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Additionally, the skills you learn can be applied to other areas of finance and investing, providing you with a valuable foundation for a successful career in finance.

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