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global offices

We aim to facilitate our clients globally and educate on an international level, if you require local assistance then please proceed to contact us locally!


Georgiou Drosini
Limassol, Cyprus

+357 96779525


Coming Soon

Ph. Coming Soon


Allbrooks House,
Chorleywood, UK

+44 7502528377


Estrada nacional 10
Alverca, Portugal

+351 938 973 845

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    The process

    Becoming a professional trader.

    01 / Start Learning

    Forex Portugal provides a reputable Forex university, where traders can acquire the essential knowledge and skills needed to mitigate risks and achieve sustained profitability in the financial markets.

    02 / Demo Trading

    To maximize your chances of success in trading, it's crucial to gain practical experience in live trading. At Forex Portugal, we understand the importance of honing your skills and testing your strategies in a risk-free environment. That's why we offer a demo trading platform.

    03 / Research

    Remaining informed and conducting thorough research on your targeted markets is crucial. We recognize the significance of staying abreast of market developments and industry trends. Therefore, we provide you with the most recent market updates, research, and analytics.

    04 / Pick a platform

    Selecting the appropriate trading platform is a critical decision for any trader, as it directly impacts their overall trading experience and success. Using a reliable and trusted platform is paramount to avoid any fraudulent or scam activities in the Forex market.

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