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  • Forex Portugal:
    The Trader's Choice

  • Forex Portugal:
    The Trader's Choice

  • Forex Portugal:
    The Trader's Choice

  • Forex Portugal:
    The Trader's Choice

Trade Forex in Portugal with Forex PT
Index Trading in Portugal by Forex PT
Trading Cryptocurrencies in Portugal with Forex PT
Looking to trade commodities? Forex Portugal offers jus that!
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Forex Portugal is a forex platform that offers education, demo trading and signals

Thinking of becoming a
Pro Forex trader?⚑

Forex Portugal was established with the aim of empowering individuals in Portugal to become skilled and successful traders, while also safeguarding them from potential losses. Unfortunately, the forex industry has been marred by the presence of dishonest individuals who deceive traders with false promises and misleading information. Our mission is to shield traders from these detrimental influences and help them make informed decisions that will enable them to thrive in the forex market.

We provide<br>Education

We provide

Practice with<br> our demo platform

Practice with
our demo platform

Trade with<br> vetted brokers

Trade with
vetted brokers

Benefits of Forex Portugal

Types of trading our
partners support:

01 Forex Trading
02 Index Trading
03 Cryptocurrency Trading
04 Share Trading
05 Commodity Trading
why choose forex portugal

What we offer 😍

We aimr to empower traders with the tools to succeed. Trade with confidence.

Market Overview
Forex University
Demo Trading

Learn to trade.

Demo Platform.

Practice makes perfect. Before starting your trading venture, put your newly found knowledge to the test!

Try for free no credit card required.

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The process

Becoming a professional trader.

01 / Start Learning

Forex Portugal provides a reputable Forex university, where traders can acquire the essential knowledge and skills needed to mitigate risks and achieve sustained profitability in the financial markets.

02 / Demo Trading

To maximize your chances of success in trading, it's crucial to gain practical experience in live trading. At Forex Portugal, we understand the importance of honing your skills and testing your strategies in a risk-free environment. That's why we offer a demo trading platform.

03 / Research

Remaining informed and conducting thorough research on your targeted markets is crucial. We recognize the significance of staying abreast of market developments and industry trends. Therefore, we provide you with the most recent market updates, research, and analytics.

04 / Pick a platform

Selecting the appropriate trading platform is a critical decision for any trader, as it directly impacts their overall trading experience and success. Using a reliable and trusted platform is paramount to avoid any fraudulent or scam activities in the Forex market.

Financial Markets

Financial markets facilitate the buying and selling of various assets, including shares, indices, currencies, commodities, and more, by individuals and companies alike. This practice of trading in financial markets has been prevalent for several centuries and emerged out of the practical necessity to enable more efficient buying and selling of assets, while also aiding companies in raising money quickly when required.


The foreign exchange market, commonly referred to as Forex or FX, represents the most heavily traded market in the world. Forex trading involves the buying and selling of global currencies, enabling individuals, businesses, central banks, and governments to purchase goods and services in foreign economies. This type of trading is ubiquitous, as anyone who purchases goods or exchanges currency for travel engages in Forex trading.


Cryptocurrencies are a digital form of currency that use encryption techniques to verify and secure transactions, as well as to regulate the creation of new units. The cryptocurrency market has rapidly grown in recent years, as more individuals and businesses are adopting these digital assets as a form of payment or investment. Cryptocurrency trading involves buying and selling digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, through online platforms.

Trade crypto with Forex Portugal

Take your trading to the next level with Forex Portugal - The #1 choice for Traders.

Latest news in finance, whether it's crypto, forex, shares to commodities. Curated content by industry experts on-the-go.

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